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Access Control Cable Largely Demand
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Access Control Cable Largely Demand

In recent years, with the rapid progress of science and technology, the information industry has also been booming, and wire and cable industry is the blood vessels, so the demand for wire and cable products is also increasing. It is reported that the cable market annual growth rate of about 8%-12%, the security cable growth rate is particularly remarkable, although China's security cable industry has some problems, such as late start, backward technology and equipment, but its growth rate is able to maintain in the annual 15%-20%. After more than 30 years of vigorous development of China's security industry, more and more segments of the industry, the scope of application is growing, including access control system security cable is not part of.

In the building of the visual intercom system, the quality of the connection cable is very high. Voice signal transmission and alarm signal cable mainly uses more than 4 core PVC sheathed flexible cord (RVV), based on video transmission using coaxial SYV-75-5, RG6.RG59 now there are some network of new technologies including video, cable transmission signal transmission, not using the same axis. If the system is to prevent external interference or can not be grounded, the system used in the connection line must be shielded wire (RVVP) class with shielded cable.the net work cable Cat5,Cat5e, Cat6.


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