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The current state of the market and the main factors restricting the domestic wire and cable
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The current state of the market and the main factors restricting the domestic wire and cable

Although the domestic wire and cable industry recently, relying on the smart grid design and the transformation of rural power grids and other infrastructure projects achieved good results, but the development of Chinese wire and cable industry is restricted by the very large.

In recent years, the serious consequences caused China cable industry due to product quality issues, integrity issues, such as financing problem has caused the extensive concern of society and a strong response, and the illegal enterprises are all executed -- severe punishment a fine of light. Originally not too calm China wire and cable industry hazard frequency, many enterprises especially small and medium-sized enterprises are facing death "".

China wire and cable market has more than 7000 manufacturing enterprises, mainly in Guangdong Province,Jiangsu Province, Hebei Province, Anhui Province, Henan, Chongqing, Shandong etc.. In recent years, faced with the problem of bottleneck of energy, electric power shortage in China's economic development, increasing the power investment, so that the wire and cable industry entered a period of leap forward development. But because of thetremendous industry output value and profit, plus domestic cable companies more than 90% production concentrated in low-end products, so there are a large number of small enterprises to enter the industry. Many small businesses and even rush into danger, shoddy, causing the industry product qualified rate is only about 1/3.

At present, in the world scope vigorously advocate the concept of environmental protection, the importance of environmental protection is increasingly the attention of all countries. The use of conventional PVC wire and cable,generation of dioxin in waste incineration treatment after the will, landfill treatment will have a lead compound toxicity problems etc..

Therefore, more security, less environmental pollution environmental protection cable market needs. In Europe,America and Japan to pollution and cable related very seriously, strictly limiting emissions not only the manufacturing process on the cable of its government, and processing of scrap cable has implemented a comprehensivemonitoring, forcing cable factory business to meet the requirements of environmental protection material to replace traditional materials, manufacturing environment-friendly cable or the so-called "clean cable".

The use of Europe and America and other developed countries are vigorously promoting environmental protection cable, China has also stepped up the promotion and use of environmental protection type cable, such as Beijing,Shanghai clearly defined environmental protection type cable must be used within their jurisdiction.

Therefore, along with our country's access system in the wire and cable industry increase, coupled with theelimination of backward production capacity of the introduction of the policy, there will be a wire and cableenterprises have been eliminated.

After entering in 2013, China's wire and cable industry will usher in a lot of development opportunities, also, the pressure in the wire and cable enterprises shoulder the pressure can not dissipate. It can be said that in 2013 and the coming into 2016, the opportunities and the pressure of Chinese wire and cable industry long-term coexistence.

At the same time, the huge market of electric wire and cable in China has gradually surfaced, how to seize thehistorical opportunity, how to through independent innovation, increase R & D strength to meet the needs of both rail transit or ship construction, port construction needs, is the biggest test of China's electric wire electric cable production enterprises. Or that sentence, the Chinese wire and cable market should be wire and cable enterprises in China to seize, not cheap foreign wire and cable manufacturing enterprises. Therefore, wire and cable enterprises in China should actively jointly, through technology sharing, experience sharing, funding support, jointly won the huge domestic market.


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