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Russian scientists have developed a hybrid cable
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Russian scientists have developed a hybrid cable

According to Russian news website in March 16th science and technology cooperation from Russia, microelectronics, nanotechnology all Russian cable industry research design technology, the Moscow Aviation Institute of three units of scientific research personnel, developed and successfully tested purportedly hybrid cable world first. In this kind of cable, and the energy transmission in two ways: one is liquid hydrogen flow, the other is a current in the superconducting cable.
R & D team recommends the use of this combination of superconductors and refrigerant (liquid hydrogen) cable. The superconducting state it can not only maintain the cables, and itself is the carrier of energy. Hybrid cable for power transmission, power consumption to maintain its temperature is only a few tenths of a percent. However, the cost of superconducting materials environmental characteristics and selection of hydrogen technology is low, provide a strong argument for the results of the project of industrial use.
Research on hybrid electric cable, as superconducting materials, Russian experts using two magnesium diboride Italian company Columbus Superconductor production (MgB2) with. Using two magnesium diboride with spiral shaped coated copper wire harness, five root coated wire harness that is composed of the new superconducting cable current carrying part of subject. The cable is 26 mm in diameter, about 10 meters in length. The internal structure, the insulation groove with a diameter of 12 mm, used as cooling liquid parahydrogen channel. In addition, parahydrogen in cable sheath (28 mm diameter) and cryostat wall (40 mm diameter) intraluminal loop between the.
Test of hybrid power cable, is completed in Voronezh chemical automation design of special test bench. Power cable hybrid project has been included in the presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences Foundation of "energy systems and technology development principle" containing HTS plan.


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